Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life on the American road

Hitting the road and going wherever it takes you. What could be more quintessentially American?

When I headed out on to the highways of America in April of 2007, I had no idea what lay ahead. More than anything, that is what was so magical about it. From beginning to end it was an adventure. I was rarely lonely and I met amazing people every step of the way. Being on the road and pushing the envelope made it even more interesting. Somehow I pulled the whole thing off through a combination of pluck and luck.

This site is a tribute to my Airstream. It was the critical ingredient that held my life together from April of 2007 until August of 2009.

When I headed out I knew nothing about recreational vehicles. I didn't know how to start my hot water heater. I was unaware that my 1973 Airstream was in desperate need of new axles or that it was suffering from a minor case of floor rot. I learned. What was broken or on its last legs was fixed.

Today I sold my aluminum home, and a part of myself. The Airstream found an outstanding new home at the Utah Animal Adoption Center's equine facility just on the northeast side of the Salt Lake City airport. Look for it when you are landing or taking off from SLC.

Here's to my Airstream and all of the people and animals who gave it life during a period of my life that was given over to the American road.


  1. Jim,
    This is a wonderful tribute to such an interesting time in your life. You were an explorer, entreprenuer and an artist, and your airstream enabled it all. How else could you live in so many beautiful surroundings in such a short span of time. In fact without your airstream, it would require millions of dollars to live under the red rocks or over the coastline of Malibu as shown in your captivating photos.

    I can only imagine how emotional giving up this classic, American contemporary RV was for you. However, I know every time you think of your airstream with its new view over Salt Lake's equine rescue center you will smile with tremendous satisfaction!

    Cheers to you Jim,
    Tim Riester

  2. I am glad I found your blog. I think we met at Rich's in February during the Rock show. We luckily had a Thetford adapter when you needed one. It will be fun to follow your travels.

  3. It's just a phase ... we'll see you out there again sometime!

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