Saturday, August 29, 2009

What could you do with an Airstream?

The possibilities are endless . . . yet here's what most people do:
  1. Use it as an office at an equine rescue facility.
  2. Use it as a home as you travel the country selling meteorites (or ten thousand other things).
  3. Use it as a travel trailer and see the world--or at least North America. Airstreams have traversed every continent in the world, although I am not sure about Antarctica--not many roads there, but I'd be surprised if nobody has yet taken an Airstream down as part of a research station.
  4. Use it as a micro-home, or office, and leave it in one place. Not a bad choice for an artist or someone who wants their own space during tough economic times.
  5. Use it as a guest home. Need a place for guests, but want to give them their own space and keep yours? An Airstream is the ultimate answer. It's a rare guest house that has as much style as an Airstream.
  6. There are endless possibilities--but if you want a travel trailer with style, few rival Airstreams.

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